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Local Unit IDPTAAddressCityZIP Code
00023237Adams PTA 6.15.206110 28th Ave NWSeattle98107-5314
01600635Aki Kurose PTSA 6.15.3953928 S Graham StSeattle98118-3172
00023228Alki Elementary PTA 6.15.253010 59th Ave SWSeattle98116-2820
00023951Arbor Heights PTSA 6.15.353701 SW 104th StSeattle98146-1151
00023212B. F. Day PTSA 6.15.853921 Linden Ave NSeattle98103-7803
00023238Ballard High PTSA 6.15.4601418 NW 65th StSeattle98117-5237
00002377Beacon Hill Int'l School PTA 6.15.422025 14th Ave SSeattle98144-4205
00023286Beverly Park PTA 9.5.101201 S 104th StSeattle98168-1549
00023245Broadview / Thomson PTA 6.15.5513052 Greenwood Ave NSeattle98133-7309
00023208Bryant PTSA 6.15.603311 NE 60th StSeattle98115-7318
00023296Bryn Mawr PTA 9.11.108212 S 118th StSeattle98178-3854
00023294Campbell Hill PTA 9.11.156418 S 124th StSeattle98178-3627
00023264Cascade Middle PTSA 9.5.18011212 10th Ave SWSeattle98146-2265
02679450Cascadia PTA 6.15.32410002 Aurora Ave NSeattle98133
00023311Catharine Blaine PTA 6.15.452550 34th Ae WSeattle98199
10226692Cedar Park PTA 6.15.3013224 37th Ave NESeattle98125-4649
00023254Chief Sealth PTSA 6.15.5055950 Delridge Way SWSeattle98106-1446
00026304Cleveland High School Eagles PTSA 6.15.4335511 15th Ave SSeattle98108-2823
00031463Concord PTA 6.15.76723 S Concord StSeattle98108-4641
00023199Daniel Bagley PTA 6.15.407821 Stone Ave NSeattle98103-4835
00023215Dearborn Park PTA 6.15.3752820 S Orcas StSeattle98108-3066
10220624Decatur Elementary PTA 6.15.55001 36th Ave NESeattle98105-3123
00030863Denny Middle PTSA 6.15.3788402 30th Ave SWSeattle98126-3711
02360109Dimmitt Middle PTA 9.11.9012320 80th Ave SSeattle98178-4413
00023205Eckstein Middle PTSA 6.15.3803003 NE 75th StSeattle98115-4709
00023295Emerson PTA9709 60th Ave SSeattle98118-5818
04020409Fairmount Park PTA 6.15.113800 SW Findlay StSeattle98126-2845
00023247FH Coe PTA 6.15.702424 7th Ave WSeattle98119-2513
00023244Franklin High PTA 6.15.4653013 S Mount Baker BlvdSeattle98144-6139
00217942Friends of Hawthorne PTA 6.15.1554100 39th Ave SSeattle98118-1320
10220332Friends of Robert Eagle Staff School PTSA 6.15.137049 11th Ave NWSeattle98117-5244
00009630Garfield High PTSA 6.15.467400 23rd Ave ESeattle98112-4740
00023229Gatewood PTA 6.15.1204320 SW Myrtle StSeattle98136-1752
00023234Genesee Hill School PTA 6.15.3205000 SW Spokane StSeattle98116-3234
00024884Graham Hill PTA 6.15.1305149 S Graham StSeattle98118-2938
00023200Green Lake PTA 6.15.1352400 N 65th StSeattle98103-5412
00013066Greenwood PTA 6.15.140144 NW 80th StSeattle98117-3052
00023255Hamilton International Middle School PTSA 6.15.3851610 N 41st StSeattle98103-8212
00023262Highland Park PTA 6.15.1651012 SW Trenton StSeattle98106-2421
00023281Hilltop Elementary School PTA 9.5.6512250 24th Ave SSeattle98168-2421
04030375Jane Addams Middle PTSA 6.15.12411051 34th Ave NESeattle98125-6805
00023259John Muir PTA 6.15.2503301 S Horton StSeattle98144-6917
00012632John Rogers PTA 6.15.3004030 NE 109th StSeattle98125-7934
00023958John Stanford International Sch PTSA 6.15.1954057 5th Ave NESeattle98105-6556
00023260Kimball PTSA 6.15.1803200 23rd Ave SSeattle98144-6432
00023232Lafayette Elementary PTA 6.15.1852645 California Ave SWSeattle98116-2404
00023298Lakeridge PTA 9.11.557400 S 115th StSeattle98178-3023
00023206Laurelhurst PTA 6.15.2004530 46th Ave NESeattle98105-3812
00023313Lawton PTA 6.15.2054000 27th Ave WSeattle98199-1502
00023250Leschi PTA 6.15.207135 32nd AveSeattle98122-6325